Supercar Entry Form

We will be offering members of the public the chance to experience “Dream Rides” in a range of Supercars during the event, in return for a donation to charity.

The monies raised by the ride donations will go directly to the charities identified by Bath Rotary Club and none will go to the drivers, the event organisers, or the club itself.

If you have a Supercar and would like to volunteer to take part, please complete and submit the form below.

Car Details

Vital Stats


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Available Ride Times
Please complete the appropriate days and times that you will be attending the show.

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Supercar Driver Declaration and Indemnity

I confirm that I hold a current and valid driving licence and that my vehicle has a current road fund licence and MOT (if applicable), and that the use of the vehicle in this event is fully covered by my own insurance policy.

I have asked to participate in this event and in consideration of that I indemnify the members and officers of The Rotary Club, the event organisers, and all drivers, owners and passengers of vehicles taking part in the event from all liability in respect of personal injury (whether fatal or otherwise) or damage to my property however caused, on behalf of myself, my personal representative, heirs and assigns.

 I have read and understood the above.


 I confirm I have read and understood the Health & Safety provisions of the Rotary Club of Bath.