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Improving the quality of life for young disabled children.


The money raised from this event will go to support a scheme to provide our powered wheelchair for very young disabled children, the Wizzybug, to families who would otherwise be unable to afford one. Each Wizzybug will be loaned out repeatedly during its life, significantly increasing the number of children and families who benefit.  The cost of providing each Wizzybug in the scheme is £4,250 and your support at the Pageant of Motoring will make a big difference.

About BIME

The Bath Institute of Medical Engineering (BIME) is a registered charity, established in 1968 and based at the Royal United Hospital in Bath. We have a proven track record of designing and developing innovative technology solutions for disabled people.

A great deal of our work is to improve the quality of life for disabled children and this scheme will provide powered mobility for children with conditions such as cerebral palsy and spinal muscular atrophy.

The Wizzybug

The Wizzybug is a fun powered vehicle for disabled children between the ages of 18 months and 5 years which allows them to experience early years mobility. It has a versatile range of controls and seating adjustments and can be used with close adult supervision indoors and out of doors.

This includes accessible areas such as level gardens, playgrounds and parks, enabling children to have a fun experience with their “First Wheels.”

Wizzybug loan scheme

Many families cannot currently obtain a Wizzybug for their disabled child because there is no statutory NHS route for funding for very young children, so most families therefore need to approach charities to support them or organise fundraising events among family and friends. Not every family has the capacity, resources or simply the energy to do this.

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We have liaised with two charities supporting families of children with cerebral palsy, Scope and Cerebra. We estimate that over 1000 babies are born each year with cerebral palsy and we are advised that the majority of these (approx 750) would benefit significantly from using a Wizzybug from the age of 18 months upwards. ‘
We started fundraising in October 2010 and have so far helped 63 families enjoy the benefits of a Wizzybug through the Loan Scheme.We plan to make 250 Wizzybugs available to families across the UK through the scheme and our fundraising target is £1m.

The more funds we raise, the more families will be able to benefit from the Wizzybug.

We very much hope that you will be able to support the scheme by coming along to this event to see the fantastic display of cars and motorcycles and also to see the Wizzybugs in action.


Benefits of the scheme

Under this scheme many more families will experience the difference the Wizzybug makes to a young child’s life and using one will help the child adapt more easily in the longer term to using a wheelchair in later life
There is growing evidence that independent mobility is key to a child’s development in early years and the Wizzybug enables children with mobility problems to attain the same level of development by experiencing exploration and developing spatial awareness, social interaction and motivation.

Please help us by supporting the scheme!


Where’s Wizzy? At the Bath Pageant of Motoring


Wonderful Wizzybug

Wizzybug Day Out


If you can’t make it to the event and you would like to make a donation please visit our website www.bime.org.uk